Jesse's Vision to help his people.

Below is an architectural rendering of Shánídíín a Center for 'a new beginning' in Jesse's vision.

Shanidiin concept

One Day

Jessie's Vision is illustrated here by: Michael Guran from Lois Sherr Dubin book on Jesse Monongya "Opal Bears and Lapis skies".

His vision is an outreach program to bring the whole family back together within the community. Teaching children important lessons about their heritage, genealogy, and giving them a foundation to build a successful "new beginning".  A civic center is at the heart of Shánídíín surrounded by corn fields, basketball courts and baseball fields.

From the book Michael is quoted:

"Shánídíín means "healing ray of light" in the Navajo language.  Many of Jesse's pendants and bracelets have rays of light made of gold set into stone or made of light stone set into a dark sky of lapis lazuli with gold stars."...

"But Jesse recognized a deeper mark -a need for healing. The labor camp in Erfurt and, after the war, the refugee camp in Mainz were all I knew when I came here [from Germany] in 1947 at the age of seven.  Like man camp survivors, it was not the experience itself that dogged me as much as the why of it.  The why seems clearer every day: those who see themselves as victims, nations included, have license to commit these things.  Others choose the path of healing.  Jesse called me 'that German guy,' which made me laugh.  I told him I was red, white, and blue stones."

-Michael Guran